Denton First SDA Announcements Page and Up-coming Events

We encourage you all to join us at 09:30 AM each Saturday for Sabbath School, and Worship Service at 10:50 AM(for Sabbath week ending:  




                                                          Community Prayer - Power Time!

Inviting members and  churches across the globe to unite in prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives,  churches and communities. As believers we encourage you to meet each night with your families and friends in the comfort of  your home at 7:00pm and pray together!

                                                        DENTON FIRST PATHFINDER CLUB

The Pathfinder club is made up of boys and girls  ranging from age 10 to 15 years old. They all had a great time at the International Pathfinder Camporee 2014, now they are planning for 2019 - Camporee at Oshkosh, Wisconsin/
 Thank you for supporting our boys and girls!


General Announcement!



                                  8:30-9:00pm - CALL THE PRAYER LINE                                                  

                                PH: 712-770-4005 -  Access Code   # 791389

        Every 1st Tuesday  Night Men's Ministry Prayer Line

June 2018

20 -  8:30PM - Prayer Meeting - Call the Prayer Line at 8:30pm

23 -  9:30AM - Sabbath School

       10:00AM - Bible Study Groups for all ages

       10:50AM - Baptism

27 -   8:30PM - Prayer Meeting - Call the Prayer Line at 8:30pm

30 -   9:30AM - Sabbath School

        10:00AM - Bible Study Groups for all ages

        10:50AM - Communion Service